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YAMAHA VI053900 YAMAHA V3022600 YAMAHA VT064600
YAMAHA VR813500 YAMAHA VS713500 YAMAHA V2690000 (RAV11)
YAMAHA V7111200 YAMAHA WA220300 - YAMAHA RAV300, WA22030 YAMAHA WB090600
YAMAHA WF676300 YAMAHA WG646100 - YAMAHA RAV320, WG64610 YAMAHA WG646300 - YAMAHA RAV322, WG64630
YAMAHA WH609900 - YAMAHA RAV26, WH60990 YAMAHA WJ210600 YAMAHA WJ194600 - YAMAHA RAV328, WJ19460
YAMAHA WJ553400 YAMAHA WN058300 - YAMAHA RAV285, WN05830 YAMAHA AAX50890
YAMAHA AAX77070 YAMAHA WB566500 YAMAHA WJ194400 - YAMAHA RAV326, WJ19440
YAMAHA WJ210700 YAMAHA AAX81760 YAMAHA WK480700 - YAMAHA RAV369, WK48070
YAMAHA AAX83650 YAMAHA WR002700 - YAMAHA RAV293, WR00270 YAMAHA WT926700 - YAMAHA RAV331, WT92670
YAMAHA WT927000 - YAMAHA RAV334, WT92700 YAMAHA WS017800 YAMAHA WV152300
YAMAHA WY578000 YAMAHA WY925300 YAMAHA ZA113600 - YAMAHA RAV464, ZA11360
YAMAHA ZA238500 - YAMAHA RAV475, ZA23850 YAMAHA ZE278800 YAMAHA WM438000
YAMAHA WQ455200 YAMAHA ZF269900 (RAV501)(ZF26990) YAMAHA ZF303500 (RAV494)
YAMAHA WV197000 (WV19700)(FRSR) YAMAHA WY927100 (WY92710) YAMAHA ZC949400 (FSR62)(ZC94940)
YAMAHA WQ066900 (RAS7)(WQ06690) YAMAHA WV327200 (NPS2)(WV32720) YAMAHA WQ066800 (CDX7)(WQ06680)
YAMAHA ZF921300 (CDX9)(ZF92130) YAMAHA ZF725100(RAV508)(ZF72510) YAMAHA WV500200 (RAX23)(RS500)(WV50020)
YAMAHA WR960800 (CDC9)(WR96080) YAMAHA ZG748900 (RAV499)(ZG74890) YAMAHA ZJ788000 (FSR68)
YAMAHA ZN057500 (BDP123) YAMAHA ZJ665100 (RAV522) YAMAHA ZJ665000 (RAV521)
YAMAHA ZG704200 YAMAHA ZN057700 (BDP125) YAMAHA ZK066000 (RAV510)
YAMAHA ZK066100 (RAV511) YAMAHA ZK066900 (RAV519) YAMAHA ZK066400 (RAV514)
YAMAHA BDP124 YAMAHA ZK721200 (FSR71)(ZK72120) YAMAHA WD526901
YAMAHA ZP354700 (RAV531)(ZP35470) YAMAHA ZQ021300 (BDP126)(ZQ02130) YAMAHA ZP601100 (RAV536)(ZP60110)
YAMAHA ZP601900 (RAV544)(ZP60190) YAMAHA ZP807800 (FSR86)(ZP80780)  
Thanks for visiting the Remote Control Warehouse. Many of our customers tried a ADMIRAL universal remote, but found that they did not get full on-screen programming or menu functions. All our remotes are factory originals or manufacturer-recommended substitutes and replacements. This guarantees that every remote we sell will be 100% full function!

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Many competitors sell refurbished or used remotes. They will not hold up to the everyday use remotes take.

Orders are typically shipped the same day or the following business day. Short processing time for back-ordered remotes.

100%, no questions asked, no hassle, 30-day return policy.

The complete list of all ADMIRAL remote controls:

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