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ONKYO 24140449 RC-449DV ONKYO 24140498 ONKYO 24140606 (RC-606S)
ONKYO 24140608 - ONKYO RC-608M ONKYO 24140668 - ONKYO RC-668M ONKYO 24140605 (RC-605S)
ONKYO 24140607 (RC-607M) ONKYO 24140650A (RC-650M) ONKYO 24140651 - ONKYO RC-651M
ONKYO 24140645 (RC-645S) ONKYO 24140647 (RC-647M) ONKYO 24140563
ONKYO 24140681 (RC-681M) ONKYO 24140717 (RC-717M) ONKYO 24140710 (RC-710M)
ONKYO 24140646 (RC-646S) ONKYO 24140682 - ONKYO RC-682M ONKYO 24140738 (RC-738M)
ONKYO RC-764M ONKYO 24140762 (RC-762M) ONKYO RC-730DV
ONKYO RC-715DV ONKYO 24140765 (RC-765M) ONKYO 24140799 (RC-799M)
ONKYO 24140736 (RC-736M) ONKYO 24140735 (RC-735M) ONKYO 24140737 (RC-737M)
ONKYO 24140709 (RC-709M) ONKYO 24140801 (RC-801M) ONKYO 24140810 (RC-810M)
ONKYO 24140807 (RC-807M) ONKYO 24140803 (RC-803M) ONKYO 24140834 (RC-834M)
ONKYO 24140836 (RC-836M) ONKYO 55939110 ONKYO 24140478 (RC-478M)
ONKYO 24140479 (RC-479S) ONKYO 24140518 (RC-518M) ONKYO RC-858S
ONKYO 24140865 (RC-865M) ONKYO 24140866 (RC-866M) ONKYO 24140868 (RC-868M)
ONKYO 24140863 (RC-863M) ONKYO 24140879 (RC-879M) ONKYO 24140854 (RC-854C)
ONKYO 24140882 (RC-882M) ONKYO 24140884 (RC-884M) ONKYO 24140837 (RC-837M)
ONKYO 24140792 (RC-792DV) ONKYO 24140898 (RC-898M) ONKYO 24140896 (RC-896M)
ONKYO RC-725DV (AKB57498901)    
Thanks for visiting the Remote Control Warehouse. Many of our customers tried a ADMIRAL universal remote, but found that they did not get full on-screen programming or menu functions. All our remotes are factory originals or manufacturer-recommended substitutes and replacements. This guarantees that every remote we sell will be 100% full function!

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Many competitors sell refurbished or used remotes. They will not hold up to the everyday use remotes take.

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